Soul Energy healing

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An introduction


I have always had a spirit that was susceptible to emotion and our human vulnerabilities.

Through my own personal journey, I realised just how much our physical being can be effected by our emotional state and our interaction with self and others.

Although I know that traditional medicine is beneficial, I believe that there are ways in which we can assist in mending physical ailments and emotional blocks by correcting energy imbalances within.

During a time of personal adventure and self exploration I found myself doing a stint living in London. It was while I was there that I tried a healing modality called Reiki. It was after this mind-opening experience that I decided to learn this modality for myself. As I was still traveling at this point in time, I looked abroad and found a beautiful healing centre in Northern Thailand where I commenced developing my abilities as an energy healer.

Since then I have been blessed to meet other healers who have provided me with invaluable knowledge and who have pushed me spiritually.

With this wisdom, strength and courage, I have embraced this path of self-awareness and connectivity with myself, others and the Universe. Creating a beautifully balanced healing method of soul, body and mind.

I will forever be a healer that acts with purity of soul, kindness and love. With this in mind, I invite anyone to walk along the path of self-healing through energy work. I would be happy to serve as a trusted guide through your soul's journey.

Charissa Turbin