Soul Energy healing

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Each living thing has a life-force energy (vital force/chi energy/prana energy). Our bodies absorb this life-force energy from our surrounds. Whether it be from the environment, the atmosphere, what we consume or the people we come into contact with.

We absorb these energies into our non-physical, auric body & into our physical self where it travels via our brain & nervous system, creating an energetic flow. Due to life experiences and external influences, there are ways in which this energetic flow can be blocked - creating a depletion of energy, disease and unease within ourselves.

With energy healing there are ways of accessing Universal Energy to cleanse your energetic system. By working as a conduit to the energy & by using their intuitive abilities, the healer can help to unblock these areas. With this correction of flow & elimination of stagnant energy you will then find yourself in a position of self-healing. Helping you to move forward with a more centered self by re-balancing your connection to mind, body and spirit.


  • Energy Healing
  • Long- Distance Healing
  • Animal Energy Healing (mostly suited to dogs, cats and horses)


Initial Consultations are free of charge & can be done via phone or in person.

Sessions can be arranged in the comfort of your own home or at my treatment room at the SWell Centre in Hawthorn, Melbourne. Session times are between 40mins - 1.5hours depending on the treatment requested. Prices will therefore vary depending on your individual requirements.